Chairman                                                      Colin S. Tam     


Honorary Chairman                                      Dominic Yin

Vice Chairman & Honorary Treasurer           Simon Cheung

Honorary Secretary                                      Ivan Li​ 


Director                                                        Nai Kin Chan                                          


Join HAESCO today!

Organisations in the energy related business are welcome to join HAESCO. You will be joining your peers including international and local organisations, join today!!

Benefits include:
HAESCO helps promote our members, and helps recommend speaking / presentation opportunity for it members. For example HAESCO referral HAESCO members to speak at  a cleantuesday event and many others…..

  • HAESCO provides platforms for members including seminars, workshops, training programs, publication of case studies and guides, and dissemination of industry data.

  • Regular meetings, news, and access to leading industry experts

  • HAESCO members help secure partners and JV for projects

  • Promote business – referring Project and business opportunity – strictly for members

  • Join the leaders devising innovative policies for changing the marketplace.

  • Have your voice heard promoting benefits to lawmakers, policy and decision makers

  • Contact and cooperation with International ESCO organisations

Are you a leader or follower? don’t get left behind join HAESCO today


Membership Classification

HAESCO has the following membership class, with Voting Rights:



Corporate enjoy the right to vote at HAESCO Annual General Meeting (AGM) and extraordinary general meetings (EGM). Proxy Vote with a written proxy, signed and dated are also accepted at AGM and EGM.


Member-Get-Member Programme

To encourage new members – HAESCO members that successfully refers a new member is recorded and totalled, the member with the most referrals is recognised at the end of each year.



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